Ohio Paralegal Requirements & Resources

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Ohio Paralegal Requirements & Resources

Becoming a Paralegal in Ohio

Ohio does not regulate the education or work experience of paralegals. However, the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) provides an avenue for voluntary certification.  To become an OSBA Certified Paralegal, must sit for and pass their exam.  Before an individual is permitted to take the examination they must meet one of the following criteria:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any field, at least twenty additional semester hours of substantive paralegal coursework, and minimum paralegal work experience of one year full-time (or its equivalent 2,000 hours)
  • A bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies consisting of a minimum of 124 semester hours and paralegal work experience of at least one year full-time (or its equivalent 2,000 hours)
  • An associate degree in paralegal studies with at least sixty semester hours and paralegal work experience of at least five years full-time (or its equivalent of 10,000 hours)
  • A high school diploma or equivalent and at least seven years full-time work experience as a practicing paralegal (or its equivalent of 14,000 hours)

Professional Paralegal Associations

Cincinnati Paralegal Association (CPA)
The Cincinnati Paralegal Association (“CPA”) was formed in February of 1982 when a group of Cincinnati paralegals met to develop a network amongst themselves and discuss the roles of paralegals. Since that time, the CPA has matured into a strong paralegal association with nearly 300 members from the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Cleveland Association of Paralegals (CAP)

The Cleveland Association of Paralegals (CAP) is a nonprofit association formed in 1975 dedicated to promoting the professional and ethical development and continuing education of paralegals in the Northeastern Ohio area.

Greater Dayton Paralegal Association (GDPA)
The Greater Dayton Paralegal Association, Inc. (GDPA) was founded in 1984 by paralegals in the Dayton, Ohio area. In 1989 GDPA became affiliated with the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, which represents about 17,000 paralegals nationwide.

Paralegal Association of Central Ohio (PACO)
On September 18, 1995, the association voted to change its name to the Paralegal Association of Central Ohio (PACO) in the belief that the new name more accurately reflects the growing trend to recognize the term “paralegal” as being synonymous with the education, experience and substantive services provided by its membership.

PANO – Paralegal Association of Northwest Ohio





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