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While we think there is a place for higher learning and enlightenment, we don’t think you have to go to an over-hyped college, sit in an auditorium with 500 students and listen to a teacher’s assistant or professor regurgitate a textbook to you in person to accomplish this objective.

Sort of like being a spiritual person but not feeling the need to attend church or a temple every week.

Americans have been brainwashed into believing that attending a four-year college, earning a degree and saddling themselves with student loan debt payments equivalent to a home mortgage is the pathway to success. In America, high school graduates seemingly only have two options: enroll in college or flip burgers.

We disagree. We think this construct is limiting and preventing people from achieving their dreams or the life that is right for them.

Trade Schools, Vocational Education and Entrepreneurship is dedicated to discussing educational and career opportunities that do not fall into the mold of attending a traditional four-year college and earning a degree. Some people are just not interested in attending college for whatever reason. Some people do not want to earn a degree just to become part of the 9-5 rat race. And some people may already be working and looking for opportunities to transition out of that rat race and into starting their own business. will discuss vocational and technical career paths and options for our youth and young people, self-employment, entrepreneurship, and everything else in between.

Is College the Only Way?

Educrats, academics and the media reinforce this message trotting out regular studies and articles stating that those who get a degree earn more than those that don’t.

Parents trust these studies, facts and articles.  Parents then beat their kids over the head with the “you will go to college” lectures.

Children want to please their parents and accept the dogma without question – which is odd since they seemingly question anything and everything else we say.  And then politicians looking to secure votes from parents pander and endorse pro-education positions to win elections.

Congress then guarantees student loans and institutions of higher learning, they ain’t no dummies, jack up tuition rates.  Rinse and repeat.

The message is clear for parents and students alike:

  • If your child doesn’t go to college and graduate you failed as a parent.
  • If you do not go to college you will be a second -class citizen living in poverty and squalor.

Isn’t it rather bizarre that any deviation from the “everyone should go to college” mantra invites scorn and ridicule in a nation that purports to be the beacon of individual liberty and freedom, and articulates that diversity is our greatest strength?110Kmistake

Ditch College seeks to provide a forum where parents, students and educators can engage in an intellectually honest discussion about whether or not high school graduates should attend college or seek out alternative options.   To be certain, each individual will face unique circumstances and external factors that must be weighed in the decision making process.  However, that is entirely the point.  We are all unique individuals with different goals, desires and aspirations.  Surely, there are multiple avenues one can take on their path to success, happiness and personal contentment.

Please Share With Your Friends!
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