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Purpose & Motivation Behind Ditch College


I am a middle-aged father of two children with deep reservations about the quality of our public education system and institutions of higher learning.  I question the cost of attending college and the value of a college diploma.  I graduated from a highly-ranked university with a degree in business administration and later went on to acquire a master’s degree.  And I still have the loans – for both – to prove it.

I fear we are careening toward a student loan bubble, if it hasn’t happened already, and shepherding our children toward a lifetime of economic slavery as we saddle them with tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

And this all comes at a time when our political leaders show absolutely no self-control when it comes to our own national spending and deficit.

Our children, at our own hands, have been essentially brainwashed into the notion that attending college is the only way.  The national conversation centers on the principle that we need to invest in the education of our youth to ensure our continued success and prosperity as a nation.

We spend billions upon billions of dollars on education in America.  Or at least attempting to educate.  Yet, everywhere I turn I see signs of national failure and decay.

Frankly, I am pissed, ashamed and embarrassed.

I feel like I am watching my nation plummet into the abyss and it angers me.  It is

shameful that we are leaving our nation in worse shape for the next generation.  And I am embarrassed that I have accepted the notion that going to college, acquiring a piece of paper and entering the rat race to land a “good job” is the smart thing to do.

There has to be more to life than this…right?  There has to be another way…right?collegegraduatenewhire

I believe so.  It is my hope that we can examine some of these issues in great detail moving forward and provide a safe place for parents, students and educators to re-examine some of these notions that we seem to blindly accept without reservation or question.

I am not on a crusade to shut-down colleges and universities, nor do I aspire to convince every person that visits this site that going to college is a mistake.  I am a huge proponent of education and personal enlightenment and believe that college is a wonderful option for some people.  But we need to cast aside the notion that every child should go to college and that if someone chooses a different path that they are not “giving up on life” or guaranteeing a life of poverty.

Parents often speak of wanting their children to have a better life, to be better…to be happy.

It is okay to question conventional wisdom.  If we are not continually asking questions and seeking answers we are in trouble.  Let us begin to have discussions with ourselves, our children and as a nation.

Please Share With Your Friends!
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